About us



Mhonko’s Waste and Security Services CC is a 100% Black African woman owned company providing and rendering Security services, Cleaning and door to door Waste removal services to different sectors where needed e.g. Private Sector, Businesses, Schools, Government and in Local Authorities.

This company was established in 1st November 1997. The company got its best assistance and training from an empowerment company called the entrepreneurial Development Corporation (Tedcor) based in Johannesburg, who responded to the call from the President to support and empower black people of South Africa to become business owners in particular women.

Our success is based on the quality of our personnel and the exceptional high service standards we set and deliver to our clients. Through our experience and commitment and also working relationship we have with our personnel we achieve the standard in the industry that other companies cannot match.

Mhonkos Waste Management Team.

Mhonkos Waste Management Team.